Why Do we Homeschool?

This is a question I get ALL THE TIME! “Why do you homeschool?” Many people wonder why my family has taken the decision to homeschool my children. Many of these people are my own family members or friends, the rest are people I meet in the grocery, library or online. I understand how common this question must be for all homeschoolers. Sometimes, the conversations don’t go well as I am in a rush or they are just not ready to absorb all the new information given. I wished for all these years that I had a pamphlet printed for everyone who asks me WHY I homeschool! So, I thought I will start the launch of my New Blog with this exact post and finally put this matter to rest. Today, I will discuss the Top 5 Reasons Why I Homeschool!

First of all, I want to say that Homeschooling is not a destination for us. It is a journey, a rhythm of life. It is also not a replacement, or a mimic of a conventional school.  I would say, we are super blessed to be able to have the FREEDOM and CONTROL of schooling our children in this day of era. I am thankful that Canada has no restrictions for taking my children’s education in my hands.

The TOP 5 Reasons of Why I homeschool:

1. FREEDOM to EDUCATE my kids. 

This is one of the most important reasons in my decision to homeschool. It is my freedom of choice in what I teach and “not teach” is what gives me the most pleasure. I am able to take out the unnecessary fluff out of my kid’s learning curriculums and bring in what we value as a family.

  • We have Freedom to choose my children’s curriculums according to their learning styles.
  • We get to choose the time we start our school for the day as it suits our family’s schedule.
  • We can travel and not miss school! ( You BET, you can take homeschool anywhere)
  • Independence to choose what my kids are exposed to. (bad language, early sex education/possible pornography, dating at tender age, no thank you I protect my kids with from all that Public school is exposed to.)
  • The ultimate freedom to take as much time as I need or my kid needs to finish a lesson and expand our learning experience by bringing in more enriched hands on activities.
  • My kids have the freedom to take as many extra-curricular activities as possible. Focus on what they truly enjoy and use that as a learning experience.
  • When we bake a cake, we learn the chemistry of baking with ingredients. When we take a fishing trip or a camping trip, we learn to concentrate and survival skills, 

You get the point, the whole independence of choosing everything from A to Z is what makes this one of the top reasons why I Homeschool.

2. Public Education System did not suit our “Out of the box” Family

I want to be HONEST here. I consider myself, my husband and our kids a bit out of the box type of people, We burst with a longing for free choice and unimaginable creativity with what we do and learn. We are not type of people who like to be TOLD what we need to learn based on ONE system that caters for millions of students.

But, have you ever heard the saying “You can’t put a fish out of water and ask it to swim?”
Or this cartoon that resonates with us so much

Some of the other reasons why we did not click with the school system are:

  • The education board evaluates our children by “points”, “levels”, “grades” etc. Our kids are worth SO MUCH MORE than numbers and a piece of paper that tells you who they are!
  • Our kids are individuals with unique learning habits and styles. There are such learning styles as a Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory or Linguistic. 
  • A child who may not do well at school may be a very bright child at home, or a child who does not do well in sports may just be very good at a sport no-one has ever given importance to! One kid may not do well with Math worksheets but thrive with hands on Math activities, another child may be a reluctant writer but is a great thinker who just needs a creative way to unleash that talent.

  1. Quality of SOCIAL LIFE building deeper connections with others

Questions I get asked: “But what about their socialization?” “But will your kids be normal?” “But aren’t you depriving them of ultimate happiness by keeping them home?”

Socialization can happen ANYWHERE. At home, with peers outside home or school, at the park, at the library, at an event etc. Our family is active member of the Local Homeschool Organizations. We visit and attend many programs run by other homeschoolers. Our kids meet other homeschooled children and interact on regular basis.

  • My homeschooled kids may not be exposed to being around hundreds of kids everyday but that is exactly why I like it this way!
  • I have no fear of my kids being bullied or harassed by others when I am not around.
  • My kids can and does socialize with everyone. They do not need to socialize with their same age peers all the time to “FEEL NORMAL”. They can socialize with kids they meet at parks or other events we attend, grandparents, neighbours, the cashier at the grocery, the garbage truck man, the construction man outside, or the janitor at the mall. 🙂
fishing trip with grand parents
  1. TIME 

We love to spend time as a family. My husband and I value each other’s time and time with kids as well as on our own. We have never taken a vacation after kids were born without the kids. We traveled to Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia and had a blast while traveling with our small kids. We are just those parents who value “family time” a bit too much.

  • Homeschooling has allowed me to manage my time in a way that benefits our work and school schedule.
  • We take time to play games or travel wherever we want to yet not miss out on school because learning can go anywhere with us or even happen anywhere.
  • There is a saying “We only get 18 summers with kids, so spend it wisely”. But I want way more than only 18 summers with my kids.
  • Time is precious and what better way to invest in your kids future by planting the good seeds now.
  1. FAITH & CHARACTER BUILDING/HABIT TRAINING – Planting good seeds in Children

I had to put these two reasons together as I felt they are like one topic. In our faith Islam, always striving to build a good character, and evaluating our actions and words are big elements. As Muslims we are to strive to have and maintain a good character at all times. We are to take inspiration from the lives of all the Prophets sent upon Earth by Allah (God) and their companions. 

Some of our prophets are Adam, Nuh (Noah), Musa (Moses), Yusuf (Joseph), Sulaiman (Solomon), Dawud (David), Ibrahim (Abraham), Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON THEM ALL).  

Some Traits/Habit a Muslim Child should be taught from childhood are:

  • Love and Mercy to all Humans and Animals
  • Respect the elderly and youngsters
  • Learning the Quran with proper recitation
  • Truthfulness
  • Having Good thoughts/Being Mindful
  • Giving charity to the Poor

Therefore, we felt that this kind of environment can only be provided at home. And it is true that a child’s first school is his/her home and environment in it. When we are working so hard to raise kids with such values, homeschooling works out best for us.

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  1. I love all your reasons why you homeschool!! Some are also the very reason why we homeschool too!! Thank you for sharing!!❤️

    1. thehijabimom says:

      Thank you Mahreen! I appreciate you taking time to let me know your thoughts 😊

  2. These are exactly why we homeschool too. (Although, we haven’t travelled – but I would if I could!) I love that homeschooling gives us a chance to spend time as a family, meet each child where they are with what they love, share our faith, and protect them from the world as long as we can. 🙂 Great post.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lisa! Yes!! Homeschooling lets us be flexible with all we do and take life slowly. ❤️

  3. Rita Sawidah Haynes says:

    As a homeschool
    Veteran mom I’ve always had issues with what I call the rush affect ,Timelines , and student stats . As homeschoolers we get the opportunity to take our time with difficult subjects and are not forced to get through a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time.
    Thank you for posting on my FB Progressive MHS page I appreciate the opportunity for reflection !

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