What Stay At Home Moms Wish Other People Understood

My journey as a stay at home mom began in the year 2009. My oldest son was born after losing my first pregnancy to a stillbirth. Having him was a tremendous joy and happiness for me and our new family. I enjoyed being with him all the time, even though I was heavily sleep deprived and tired. The joy of motherhood! Motherhood came to me very naturally too. I never wanted to stay away from my son. Thanks to almighty God for giving me the opportunity to becoming a SAHM. But, many assume the lives of stay at home moms are all glitter and glory. Because we don’t have to work outside home or have a career? Our lives are so much more and beyond. Today, I want to talk on behalf of all SAHMs! What we Stay at home moms wish other people understood:

  1. Why we cannot call or text you back right away even after you called a few times in a day:

  • Our home is noisy in a wonderful way, we have kids. They make noise, they play loud, they speak and cry out loud.
  • We are always attending to their needs constantly
  • Sometimes our phone is on Silent or vibration mode. We like to give full attention to our children. Each of them have their own individual needs.
  • Most probably we will be interrupted a 100 times if we did call you and our conversation will not go right.

2) Overwhelmed and Exhausted

  • We are fulfilling the responsibilities of many jobs 😀
  • SAHMs are a bit of a nurse, chef, mechanic, cleaner, lawyer, cheerleader, teacher, social worker, psychiatrist, nanny, decorator, baker all in One Body.
  • We are professional multitaskers and multi-thinker. Yes that also makes us a Circus Juggler!
  • There are spills, splatters, mess, cooking, dishes, potty breaks, baths, feeding, tantrums, sibling fights that need intervened few times a day.
  • Then there are the times when we spend time teaching them how to read or reading to them. In my case teaching them for Homeschool!

3) Sleep deprived

  • We kinda lost our sleep since first baby was born.
  • We wake up multiple times a night even if babies/kids are sleeping through the night, just to make sure they are ok! (Sounds crazy right?)
  • Some of us have multiple kids and tending to them at night multiple times, especially during sick nights is taking away hours from our sleep.
  • We still wake up early!

4) We are not UNEMPLOYED

  • Please don’t tell us we are unemployed because our job is one of the most hard working jobs in the world that requires us 24/7 without BONUS Pay! But we get plenty of hugs and kisses and that kinda feels like a HUGE BONUS!
  • Some of us actually work from home!
  • We own businesses from home and work while balancing life with raising kids
  • Raising the future generation is a Tough Job. ie: Try reasoning with a toddler about why he cannot lick the dirty chair.

5) We don’t have the most PERFECT laid back life and our husband are not Millionaires. (I wouldn’t mind it though)

  • We may have the pleasure of staying home raising my kids while our husband is the sole bread maker, but that’s because we are hard working families who have chosen to give value to raising kids the traditional way. We just know how to prioritize and balance our life and kids
  • Our days are not all unicorns and rainbows, we do have bad days when things just don’t go right but we know to how to tackle those bad days and restart, refresh the next day.

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  1. “Raising the future generation is a Tough Job. ie: Try reasoning with a toddler about why he cannot lick the dirty chair.”

    This has to be the synopsis of the whole article. Loved reading this

    1. thehijabimom says:

      Haha there was dry humour in it. Jazakalah for checking it out sis. Appreciate your feedback. ❤️

  2. OMG sis this post is so relatable thank you so much for posting it.

    1. Thank you so much dear sister. I appreciate your feedback!

  3. Choosejoymuslimom says:

    This is beautiful and so factual! The phone calls are bang on! It took a while for family to understand why I don’t answer…I want to be present, and even if I answer, my phone is taken away or my toddler is trying to take the phone away. Lol. Thanks for the post. It’s lovey masha’Allah

    1. Aww thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it mashallah

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