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Journal writing is a very special activity in our homeschool. I encourage my kids to write a journal entry everyday to reflect on their thoughts , emotions and to practice self-awareness. That being said, not all my kids have entered the writing stage. Only one of them is in 4th grade, the other two are 4 and 3 year olds. However, they are still encouraged to write and doodle, draw in their journals. Yes! This means they each have a tiny journal.

This wonderful tradition started when my siblings and I were kids. My mom was very enthusiastic about writing and she encouraged us to write in our journals. She let us have our own journals from as early as age 8 to start jotting down our daily thoughts and memories.

The first time I ever got a journal was when i was 9 years old. My sister sent me a Birthday gift from USA. It was a pink shiny hard cover journal with a tiny lock and a key. I will never forget that excitement I felt to have my own special journal book to write in!

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Why is Writing Everyday Important for kids?

For kids who have a difficulty expressing verbally or making decisions, keeping a daily journal of their thoughts is a great way to help learn emotional organization. Writing gives children more opportunity to express themselves and their opinions and develop a “voice.”  Thus really strengthening their self-confidence.

Moreover, journal writing helps kids to be more self-aware and in line with their emotions and behaviours. Journal writing is particularly useful for kids because, children struggle with understanding and expressing their feelings almost all the time. Writing them down is very calming and beneficial for their growing minds.
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What is Guided Journaling

Guided journaling is a more traditional journaling method used for learning. They are often initiated by writing to a prompt. It can be a self directed prompt, a prompt picked out from a journaling box/jar or a prompt directed by a parent/teacher.

This type of journal writing is not similar to a diary as it is a way to practice all the styles and skills of writing in one place.

Guided journal writing is a tool of storytelling , a way to learn how much details complete a story, which words work together to draw a picture of a story.

It is also a creative way to practice the structure of grammar and spelling.

How Guided Journaling Can Benefit Kids:

  • Improve writing style The more a child writes using the prompts, the more the child’s writing skills will improve. He will learn how to answer a question by rewriting the words and learn how to complete a full thought.
  • Enhance their spelling and grammar.  The more a child read and writes, the more he will learn to implement proper writing skills using proper spelling.

Just a heads up! As a homeschooling mom who teaches her own kids, I don’t stress a lot over spelling when journaling. This is a method to grow love for writing in their hearts. Let them be creative and have fun when they are journaling. Fix the spelling later in a gentle manner.


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  1. I love journaling. How cool that you have a 12 month of journaling prompts. I am sure kids will love that!

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