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Interview with Pepper and Pine|Homeschooling Mom Hana Khatib | January 2019

Hello lovely readers! Welcome to another Interview with Featured Mom of the month on The Hijabi Mom Blog! I had the pleasure to interview Hana Khatib of Pepper and Pine.

Hana is an inspiring Mom and a Homeschooler with the very popular Youtube channel.

Without any further delay, I will let Hana introduce herself below! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments, which Mom Blogger inspires you! Maybe I can feature them next on this Blog!

1) Salam Hana! Thank you so much for the opportunity to  interview  you  for  my  Blog’s featured mom of January 2019!Please introduce yourself! 

Salam Tamanna! I was born in France, but mostly grew up in Southern California in a beach city which meant we spent many days throughout the summer at the beach swimming in the water, looking for shells or having bonfires. While I do love swimming in the ocean as an adult, I’m not a big fan of bonfires! Growing up in France, we attended the Steiner school in a town outside of Paris. While I didn’t think much of Waldorf education while growing up, it did serendipitously fall into my lap at a young adult when my oldest son was 4 years old, just before we started our homeschool journey.

2) I am a big fan of your YouTube Channel and Instagram stories! You are one of my inspiration for becoming a Homeschool mom! How long have you been Homeschooling and what inspired you to start Homeschooling?

Thank you! We’ve been homeschooling since 2003, so to date it’s been over 15 years. The main reason I think I decided upon homeschooling (amidst many reasons), was for the simple fact that I wanted to be with my son. It’s grown into a deep love of mine, so I’m grateful for the opportunity.

3) Did you ever think of sending your children to school before making the decision to Homeschool?

Not really. I might have thought about it casually, but I don’t think I did so seriously. The private Waldorf school in our area was a bit far and very expensive.

4) I know that your family follows the Waldorf Homeschooling philosophy. Was there a particular reason why you chose Waldorf Philosophy over the others?

Yes! I went to a Waldorf school in France for a couple years, and it when I was reintroduced to the philosophy as an adult, I was interested in it for my children.

5) What makes Waldorf different than the others? Would you recommend it to new homeschooling moms?

No, I wouldn’t recommend it to new homeschooling moms! It’s far too involved for a new homeschooler (or homeschooler with young children), unless you really love the philosophy…a lot. That’s just my honest opinion based on my experience. I’m sure others could do this curriculum with far more ease than I. How is it different? It educates the child with stories and lessons that support the child’s development as a spiritual being who needs unfolding instead of a a person who needs to be filled with information. The curriculum follows a three fold approach to lessons with a balance of head, heart and hands.

6) What advice would you give to other homeschooling moms to have a successful and peaceful homeschool lifestyle?

Well, I can say some of this only now that I’ve homeschooled for a long time and my children have gotten older, and I’m not pregnant, nursing or have a toddler, hehe. First, grab a good book on parenting over homeschooling for this journey. You’ll need it! Parenting is 99% of what you’ll do when you homeschool. Surround yourself with like minded people who support you. You’ll need that, too. Share your challenges with that support group, not people outside your homeschooling circle; they’re likely to suggest your troubles will be gone if you send your children to school. Control yourself, not your children. Create a plan that holds YOU responsible over your children. Naturally the rest will fall in place. Hone your skills as a mother, educator and domestic engineer (sorry ladies, what’s the current PC term for homemaker?!). The better everything else is managed, works well and runs smoothly, the more tolerance and patiences you’ll have for your children because after all, they’re going to push your buttons, no matter how adorable your children are. And one thing I wish I did more was find humor in those stressful moments because looking back, my kids were hilarious!

7) What would you say has changed from the beginning of your homeschool journey till today? Is there anything you regret or wish you did then?

I’m better organized. I see the whole picture. And I still make fresh mistakes every year. I only wish I had taken more video of our homeschooling journey…and pictures too. I know that’s easy to do today, but back then it was a film camera and a camcorder. So use your phones! Record these moments and document the process.

8) Your kids are all so wonderfully raised Mashallah. How do you balance a life as a busy homeschool mom and still cook and host such beautiful dinners for your friends and family?

We all work together! Teaching my children the skills of cooking and cleaning (and now driving) really help the house run smoothly. It’s impossible to do it all. So get help. For me, that means we all work together.

9) When did you start your YouTube Channel and what made you want to do it?

I started YouTube and a my website in September 2015. It was on the suggestion of a dear friend of mine, Shahnila at GlueStickMom who encouraged me.

10) What advice do you have for moms who are raising boys and homeschooling boys? Seeing how independent and helpful your boys are really motivates and inspires me. I’d love to know your “secrets” if any!

First, boys are different than girls. If you had a girl first, and then a boy, you’ll think your parenting ability tanked. Or you’ll think, ‘what’s wrong with my child!?’ Nothing is wrong. Allah created boys and girls different and special. Boys can be load, and need a lot of space to move. They climb, dig, create, destroy, explore and play. The are action oriented and do well with gross motor skill activities. They may not always sit still. And they may also challenge you when it comes to homeschooling or education. My advice is late is better than early. If your child is struggling with something at grade level, give it a year or even two. Works wonders almost every single time. With boys, you may have to move the guardrails out beyond your comfort zone. Hold back from transferring your fear onto them. They’re fearless and know their limits….usually 


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  1. Samar Elkady says:

    I really like this wonderful woman
    She is my inspiration and she effected positively in my life
    Thank you for introducing her as the homeschooling mom of January you are a talented blogger

    1. Oh I’m so happy to hear that! 😊😊

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