I took a break from social media and found joy.

As some of you may know from my Instagram posts that recently, I took a short break from my use of Social Media. This social media break has given me back that forgotten joy of life. I was lost, then I found myself again. A detox from a toxic diet is needed for our body, but a detox from excessive social media is much needed for our soul!

Please let me know if you have ever taken a break from Social Media and what benefits have this break brought upon you! 

Here is a list of JOY I found back into my life from the Social Media Break:


It felt as if someone just freed me from being locked up for years. I did not have that urge to share bits of my life with anyone, my meal was eaten in peace because, i wasn’t interrupted by notifications or pings.

This came off as surprising to me, I felt judgement free, stress free and worry free. All those hours I spent looking at the screen when I really didn’t need to, to going towards a phase where I wasn’t in the need of it felt liberating. It was a very new and strange but good feeling. I felt like I was truly MYSELF again in my own world and no-one had a say in it. I

Calmer and happier

Would you believe? Studies have shown that the increasing time we spend on social media, the more likely we will develop depression. Furthermore, the amount of time we spend on social media is related to whether or not we feel distressed or peaceful.

Think about this, you stay away from a crowd for a long time, a crowd with a mixed type of personalities and backgrounds. Most of them have never been around you to know who you really are. But, they somehow have the access to bits of your life and a voice to tell you your opinions are wrong, your pictures are too much or not enough, your status is embarrassing or you have suddenly caused a political debate because you wrote something they didn’t agree with.

So when I cut  all out, I felt the connection with myself and free from the overwhelm of social media. This brought me so much peace and tranquility, I couldn’t express it enough with words.

I was living in the MOMENT

When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the moment is the miracle.


Most noteworthy, living in the moment was like having a cake and eating it too. To enjoy every nibble I took while appreciating the aroma and burst of flavours at the same time. I was more present than ever in those simple moments. The time I spent with my children suddenly seemed more joyful than before. The spark I saw in their eyes when they felt listened to gave them a boost of confidence. That also made them much calmer and less irritable! wow!!! This was like “hitting two birds with 1 stone!”

I was able to visit my parents for a day. This da gave me the chance to really look into their beautiful souls, have eye contact and a real conversation. We had chai and talked about childhood days. It was absolutely magical. (In a Non Haram way, you know you will judge me for one word you little Haram Police!)


I would take FREE STUFF any day but FREE TIME is PRICELESS. 

I realized the amount of time  spent on Social Media was just taking away precious time off my hands. Because that time was suddenly back, I found the chance to call friends and family back. Moreover, I found the time to read the Quran and Pray. More time to organize my kitchen. (which I do monthly anyway, i have a mild OCD) I had More time to talk to my 9 year old who always has things to say and share about his little world. There was no extra time to spend with my Husband.

I suddenly found more time to work on my Art and Design Ideas and that felt super AWESOME. My Art is my soul therapy and a good soul therapy is beneficial for us all!

Here is a beautiful Quote by one of my favourite Authors!

“Free time was the most precious time, when you should be doing what you loved, or at least slowing down enough to remember what made your life worthwhile and happy.” 
― Amy Tan, The Bonesetter’s Daughter

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  1. Awesome post mashAllah, and so spot on!

    1. Thank you sr. zakiya!

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