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Goals Setting for 2019

There are just 2 more weeks left until a brand new year is upon us. It’s almost 2019! Every December, I like to go through my accomplishments as a person over the past year and set new goals for the new year. This has been a ritual for the last few years. I love to have a clear vision of where I am heading so I am on the right track. I felt it was necessary to share those STEPS that I take before I set goals. So, here are the steps to “How to Achieve your Goals in 2019!”

Know Your Long Term and Short Term Goals

Ask Yourself “WHY”?

Yes! Knowing your WHY is very crucial to achieving your goals. Your “why” is what gives depth to your “WHAT”. When you are aware of that reason behind that specific goal, it starts to fall in its’ place. You will be more motivated and more in control.

Know Your Long Term and Short Term Goals (1)
Know Your Long Term and Short Term Goals (2)
Know Your Long Term and Short Term Goals (4)

Having a timeline pushes you to work harder and to work towards reaching the goal. Imagine we did not have a time table for anything in this world, how chaotic would it be?

Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP going after that GOAL. Speaking from experience, I have let other obstacles come in the way and put a pause on my goal when it was achievable.

But later I regretted that decision and felt frustrated. I am telling you from my own experience. Giving up on setting the goal will only bring you frustration and pain in the long run.

That is ONE THING I will never repeat. And so YOU NEE TO KEEP MOVING. Take BABY steps. But DO NOT STOP.


to be continued in part 2…

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