Who is the Author of The Hijabi Mom

I am Tamanna. You may know me as UMMIMOMMY if you were a follower of my old blog.

I am from Toronto born in Bangladesh.

A am a homeschooling mother of 3 wonderful boys that fill every corner of my heart (um ok they are very naughty too)

We love Art and the Outdoors as a family.

I am the youngest of 4 children of my parents who I am lucky to live close to.

I am a survivor of a Pregnancy Loss at 36 weeks. My first pregnancy. Her name was Hafsa and she will often be remembered and honoured in my blog

I am married to the man I met in high school.

I went to College for Graphic Design and Art Fundamentals.

I Love to Bake.

Photography is a passion

I own an Etsy shop where I sell Digital Goodies and Ramadan/Eid Banners. They are always created or handmade by yours truly!

I love CHAI and Reading books.

Self care is very important to me ! I am an INFJ in the Myer Brigg Personality Type book.

Story of Why

Why did I start blogging and how did this Blog come to its’ existence?

Well, I have been blogging since my high school years really. Remember Blogger? I had one too! First it was an everyday lifestyle blog turned into a very active Food Blog. I still have that blog and it will always be my first blog baby.

But as my life changed from then to now, my blog niche has changed quite a bit!

I created this Blog to be able to share my ideas and journey of homeschooling and motherhood with others. This blog highlights the parts of my life that I want to show to the world.

but first chai..

How I function

My 3 boys


home sweet home

where the hearts are

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